Five Reasons You Should Buy A House Instead of a Condo

An apartment definitely has its upside for those who don't want to deal with the difficulties associated with home ownership. Most of the responsibility lies in your landlord, after all. But buying a house might just be the best thing you could have done!

1. Adding a Room

When you can make as many changes as you can to your home, why wouldn't you opt to buy a house? Although you might need a building permit, you are free to turn a cookie-cutter house into a personalized space that fits all your unique needs. Follow city codes and you can add a studio, gym, sunroom, or anything else.

2. Take Down the Walls

Although it can be a little tricky to do it in a structurally sound way, you're always free to take down a wall or open up a doorway. To do something similar in an apartment would be much harder, and would require a lot of extra trouble.

3. Beautify the Backyard

If you are into gardening, as a homeowner you can look forward to turning you yard into a garden you're proud of. Be as creative as you want with your landscaping! Add a pond, gravel pathways, or a traditional flower garden to make the yard your own. Just remember to consult your city bylaws!

4. Be Environmentally Responsible

Don't worry about your emissions and carbon footprint in a home. You can install all sorts of devices and home accessories to help keep your home green. Some of these that modify the home, like a solar panel, will be much harder to install in an apartment. A home can become something you can create that fits your principles and style!

5. Increase Your Value

Homeowners are eager to point out that paying rent won't go towards true ownership or equity that could benefit you hugely down the line. Homeowners can increase cash flow in a number of ways: renting out parts of their home or their old home, going through many housing units they put up for rent themselves, or using their houses as boarding homes to make enough money to live on. In the end, the most important thing to remember is how satisfied you are with your current living arrangement. Any place can be a home, but remember that just because something might cost more in the beginning; it might pay off in the future!